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CBC Analysis Program

With a subscription to the CBC Analysis Program, you can:
• Perform a rapid evaluation of a building for current California Building Code
compliance with regard to site placement, allowable building area, story & height,
and occupancy separations
• Investigate various building project options for changes in floor area, occupancy,
types of construction and building site placement
• Assess the effects of fire sprinkler increase for building area, height and story
• Identify required fire rated occupancy separations if the building is configured as a
“separated occupancy” building

The CBC Analysis Program gives you results for:
• Allowable Building Height               • Allowable Number of Stories
• Total Building Allowable Area         • Single Story Ratio check for multi-story buildings

Breakdown of Allowable Area increases with respect to:
• Building Frontages • Fire Sprinklers • Multiple Stories

For "Separated Occupancies" Buildings:
• Required Occupancy Separations between occupancies
• Building Area Ratio Factor (Actual area/Allowable Area) for each occupancy

For "Non-Separated Occupancies":
• Allowable area, height and number of stories based on the governing occupancy

Subscribe today and investigate your California building project for
primary code compliance in a fraction of the time it takes to perform those
calculations by hand. Discover the most economical building configuration
and check the feasibility of a non-separated building.

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