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How long does it take you to calculate a building’s allowable area under the California Building Code (CBC)?
With the CBC Analysis Program you’ll have the ability to quickly verify building area, height and number
of stories in a fraction of the time it takes to calculate it manually. With all the options and
“triggers” in the current CBC for allowable building use based on size and type of construction, we’ve
created a tool to investigate these variables and their impact on your building project. Whether you are
checking an existing building or investigating options for a proposed building, the CBC Analysis Program
gives you the tools to check and optimize critical building parameters.

The CBC Analysis Program examines…
Building Height
Number of Stories
Floor Area
Occupancy Group Classification
Site Building Placement for Area Increase
Fire Sprinkler System for Height, Story and Area Increases

…and then calculates and checks…

Allowable Floor Area
Allowable Building Height
Allowable Number of Stories
Combined Building Area Ratios (total building and per story)
Required Occupancy Separations (for “separated occupancy” buildings)

For “nonseparated occupancy” buildings the Program will identify the critical occupancies governing the
building’s size and height.

Subscribe now and use this powerful tool to analyze your building project in a fraction of the
time it's taking you now!

Want to see more? Take a detailed look at how the program works...
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Take a detailed look
at how the program works...
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